Monday, June 25, 2012

Media Interviews

After interviewing with NASA 360, NASA executives, astronauts, Event Officials, students, and countless onlookers from Worcester, you'd think that media interaction had become almost "old hat," right?!  (Nice run-on sentence!)

Well, media interaction hasn't gotten easy yet.  (*crosses fingers*)

It's still a little nerve-wracking knowing that whatever you're saying or doing might end up in the paper or on the television.  LOL  I know I sound like a nerd right now, but it's still a little scary.  ;)

This past Saturday (June 23), Rob Novitt from The Aiken Standard came to the house to interview Chris and me.  He really did an amazing job asking questions and very patiently pacing through the story of how Chris and I got involved with robotics.  We had a great time talking with him, and we really enjoyed telling the story of how Team SpacePRIDE got started.  :)

Laura came by today from NEWS 12 WRDW.  She did a great job getting some shots of Chris driving the rovers.  She even got some shots of Marvin!  :)  Chris got a chance to give a summary of how things got started for Team SpacePRIDE and what NASA Centennial Challenges are all about.

Now we are waiting to see the newspaper and television stories.  I'm very excited to see how they turn out!  I'll be sure to post links to the stories after they are run.  I'm thankful to Rob and Laura for trying very hard to make the interviews seem "casual" so we would be less nervous.  :)  Of course, Chris is much more confident than I tend to be in those situations.  :)

-Amanda  :D

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